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            Business Solutions

            Do you want your IT staff to focus on core competencies rather than juggling with IT challenges?
            Do you want to maintain control of Business-Critical Systems?
            Are you increasingly reactive rather than proactive when it comes to management of your IT infrastructure?
            If you have said "YES" to all of the above questions then its time you think about our Managed Services.

            Our seasoned technical and project management team will guide you from a business idea to implementation of a cost effective software solution. We will deliver a valuable business tool specially designed to serve the specific needs of your business:

            Workflow Management

            In recent times, in order to grow, compete and win, companies need to operate more effectively and efficiently. Many companies have realized the true value of workflow automation as a solution to meet challenging business environment. Workflow automation systems let optimize such business areas as process management, document circulation and data exchange. Workflow automation systems enable businesses to move to a new level of performance and productivity through automating repetitive, routine tasks.

            At Spatiha, we believe that every business is unique and should be treated accordingly. To get the full advantage of a workflow management system companies need a customized solution that fully corresponds to the business and industry specifics. We take time to understand how your business operates in order to provide you with a comprehensive and scalable platform for different tasks:
            • Data Flow Management
            • Work Scheduling
            • Project Management
            • Documentation
            • Communication
            • Integration of Systems

            Spatiha delivers solutions that help companies to take the full advantage of workflow automation systems through advanced data management, information exchange, streamlined collaboration, and reduced costs. Our workflow management system adds real business value and ensures higher productivity and accountability allowing companies to:

            • Automate data flow processes
            • Project management
            • Team collaboration
            • Productivity
            • Improve information availability
            • Save time and costs
            • Performance

            Contact us today to learn more.

            Customer Relationship Management

            Customer Relationship Management (CRM) covers all aspects of the company’s relationship with its clients. In today’s highly-computerized world, buyers’ behavior changes and thus calls for new approaches in building corporate CRM strategies. With the advance of new selling channels due to popularization of internet and mobile devices special emphasis is put on self-service tools, electronically-managed relationships and personalization of online consumer experience.

            We specialize in providing our customers with complete CRM. Our experienced personal have considerable experience in different aspects of building an effective CRM system. We will guide you through all the stages of the solution implementation giving a sound advice and helping you select the right strategy:

            • CRM Strategy and Requirements Definition
            • Business Processes Modeling & Streamlining
            • Technical Architecture Design
            • GUI Design and Usability Modeling
            • Customization
            • Change Management
            • Implementation
            • Testing
            • Deployment
            • Applications Integration and Web-Enabling
            • Data Migration

            We will help you to enhance your existing information sharing and sales system enabling you to build highly effective channels for exchanging information with your customers, suppliers and employees worldwide based on the most up-to-date technologies. Deep understanding of all aspects of the CRM software implementation combined with strong technical expertise enable us to deliver CRM solutions fully customized to client’s requirements and business specifics. Our experts will help you understand all the implementation possibilities and help you select the right components of the future CRM system that are important for your business:

            • Lead Generation
            • Order Tracking
            • Contacts and Accounts Management
            • Campaigns Scheduling and Tracking
            • Team Management
            • Tasks Distribution
            • Document Management
            • Integrated Tools
            • Customer Support Tools
            • Data Analysis
            • Reporting
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