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            IT Outsourcing

            Tangible benefits of software outsourcing in today’s challenging business environment have been recognized by many companies worldwide. Software outsourcing enables businesses to benefit from operational cost savings, shorter time-to-market cycles and access to cutting-edge software development expertise.

            SPATIHA offers a full range of software outsourcing services from end-to-end development of new software and web solutions to re-engineering and enhancement of legacy applications, application integration and on-going maintenance and support. We have a vast pool of seasoned professionals with diverse skills that are available to clients on a dedicated or as-needed scheme. Spatiha puts special emphasis on training and keeping the team updated with the latest technologies, industry standards and the best software development practices.

            Key Benefits

            Access to Expertise
            We have a considerable expertise in various technical platforms and business domains. Our experience ranges from website design and application programming to development and integration of complex enterprise systems. We have strong competence in different technologies including PHP, .NET, Java technologies and others.

            Skilled Team
            Spatiha has a team of IT specialists with wide knowledge and extensive experience. Our effective hiring strategy, internal trainings and proper motivation practices enables us to hire and retain the best-from IT professionals

            Flexibility and Scalability
            Spatiha is a IT solutions provider offering end to end software services and able to deliver all your software development needs. We offer flexible engagement schemes enabling you to decrease or increase the team size or involve specialists with different expertise when your business requirements change. This lets you optimize the team performance and the cost structure to get the maximum returns out of the outsourcing engagement.

            Confidentially and Intellectual Property Protection
            At Spatiha we take comprehensive measures to secure the clients’ confidential information. We have a set of policies and procedures to protect your business sensitive information and software artifacts (source codes, specification, etc.). After the project is finished, you retain the source codes and all IP rights on developed software.

            Cost Savings
            We offer competitive hourly rates considerably lower than EU or US service providers while keeping upper-level standards of quality and reliability.

            Effective Communication
            We realize the importance of effective communication for outsourcing projects. We aim to create and maintain a productive and secure communication flow. Established communication channels ensure efficient information sharing and management with all project members and clients.

            Outsourcing Strategy
            Software outsourcing is a completely different business area with its specific rules and issues. Whether you have an experience in outsourcing or just planning to engage for the first time, we will help to elaborate an effective outsourcing strategy and conduct a seamless offshore migration. Leveraging our experience we will help you with:

            • Creating a productive outsourcing environment
            • Adjustment to existing processes to a new engagement
            • Effective communication and organized workflow

            We want to be a real and trustworthy business partner rather than a service provider.

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