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            Case study

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            By Website



            Solution: B2B
            Industry: B2B
            Technology Domain: PHP Development
            Technologies Used: PHP,CodeIgniter, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL, Apache server, FileZilla HTTP, SMTP

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            Project Overview

            The main objective of the project is to synchronize occurs that between two companies, as opposed to a transaction involving a consumer. This site also provides detailed and structured database of each companies, products, price or services for another company. The system enables easy site administration including category management, company management, product management, catalogue management, video management, SEO management, members management, classifieds management, pages content update, site structure management, contact management, and much more. The CMS automates management of company’s list, product list, news and events, success stories sections. Integrated search makes the navigation easier for site visitors.


            Website Source presented several concerns about their old site to Spatiha for the redesign.

            • Unprofessional image
            • Visitors getting "lost" in the navigation
            • Poor usability
            • Lack of distinction from large body of competition

            Spatiha set out to define a clear site architecture and create a bold, memorable brand for a positive user experience.

            • Improved navigation and site hierarchy
            • Professional and memorable brand identity
            • Definition of user paths
            • Crafting of positive user experience

            Spatiha solutions produced results that have contributed significantly to Website Source's bottom line.

            • Consistent 10% monthly revenue increase
            • Overall 18% decrease in customer turnover
            • Customer base increased by 35%
            • Traffic from search engines increased by 20%
            • #1 ranking for "Indian Wedding Dresses or Real Estate Coimbatore or Photographers or Catering Services at coimbatore" in Google
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